Drilling Glossary


Acronyms and Abbreviations

AFPAnnular Friction Pressure AISAutomatic Identification System APIAmerican Petroleum Institute
APVAir Pressure Vessel AX/VXRing gasket BCPBlowout Contingency Plan
BHABottomhole Assembly BHPBottomhole Pressure BOEMREBureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement
BOPBlowout Preventer BOPEBlowout Preventer Equipment BSEEBureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement
BSRBlind Shear Ram BTFBlowout Task Force BUBusiness Unit
C&KChoke and Kill CBHPConstant Bottomhole Pressure CBLCement Bond Log
CCCCentral Control Console CLFPChoke and Kill Line Friction Pressures (also used for Choke Line Friction Pressures) CLPClassification, Labeling and Packaging
CO2Carbon dioxide COCCertificate of Conformance CRACorrosion Resistant Alloy
CRTCasing Running Tool CSGSCritical Static Gel Strength CSRCasing Shear Ram
CWOPCompleting the Well on Paper (also, Completion Well Optimization Process) DCPDriller’s Control Panel DGDDual Gradient Drilling
DGPSDifferential Global Positioning Satellite DODDepartment of Defense (US) DPDynamic Positioning or Dynamic Positioned
DWOPDrill Well on Paper DWWCGDeepwater Well Control Guidelines ECDEquivalent Circulating Density
EDSEmergency Disconnect Sequence EHBSElectro-Hydraulic Back-Up System EHBSEmergency Hydraulic Back-Up System
EMWEquivalent Mud Weights ERDExtended Reach Drilling ERTEmergency Response Team
ESDEmergency Shut Down ETFEmergency Task Force FATFactory Acceptance Test
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency (US) FITFormation Integrity Test FLOTFlying Lead Orientation Tool
FOSVFull Opening Safety Valve GOMGulf of Mexico GORGas Oil Ratio
GPSGlobal Positioning Satellite H2SHydrogen Sulfide HIDHydraulic Isolation Depth
HPHTHigh-Temperature High-Pressure HPUHydraulic Power Unit HSEHealth, Safety and the Environment
HSEQHealth, Safety, Environment and Quality IADCInternational Association of Drilling Contractors ICPInitial Circulating Pressure
ICSIncident Command System IDInside Diam IRInfrared
ISOInternational Standards Organization KTKick Tolerance LCMLost Circulation Material
LMRPLower Marine Riser Package LOPLeak-Off Pressure LOTLeak-Off Test
LVELow Volumetric Expansion LWCLoss of Well Control LWDLogging While Drilling
MAASPMaximum Allowable Annulus Surface Pressure MAEMajor Accident Event MASPMaximum Anticipated Surface Pressure
MAWPMaximum Anticipated Water Pressure MDMeasured Depth MGSMud Gas Separator
MMSMinerals Management Service MOCManagement of Change MODUMobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOPMinimum Operating Pressure MPDManaged Pressure Drilling MRTMarine Riser Tensioner
MUXMultiplex MWMud Weight MWDMeasurement While Drilling
NAFNon-Aqueous Drilling Fluid NIMSNational Incident Management System NORSOKNorwegian Petroleum Standards
OBOverburden OBMOil-Based Muds ODOuter Diam
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer OHSASOccupational Health and Safety Advisory Services ORMOperational Risk Management
ORTOnsite Response Team OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration PMCDPressurized Mud Cap
PPPore Pressure PPDPore Pressure Detection PPDSPAPore Pressure Detection Single Point of Accountability
PPFGPore and Fracture Pressure ppgPounds Per Gallon PRPublic Relations
PWDPressure While Drilling QA/QCQuality Assurance / Quality Control RCDRotating Control Device
RFC-HSEReturns Flow Control RITTRiser Insertion Tube Tool RKBRotary Kelly Bushing
ROPRate of Penetration ROVRemotely Operated Vehicle RWPRated Working Pressure
SBMSynthetic-Based Muds SCPSlow Circulating Pressure SCRSlow Circulating Rates; also Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SEMSSafety and Environmental Management System SHESafety, Health and the Environment SICPShut-In Casing Pressure
SIDPPShut-In Drillpipe Pressure SIMOPSSimultaneous Operations SITSystem Integrity Test
SPMSide Pocket Mandrel SPPSlow Pump Pressure SWDSeismic While Drilling
SWFShallow Water Flow TCPToolpusher’s Control Panel TDTotal Depth
TJTelescopic Joint TMSTether Management System TOCTop of Cement
TVDTrue Vertical Depth TVHTrue Vertical Height UBUnderbalanced
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply VIVVortex Induced Vibration VOCVolatile Organic Compounds
WIWell Integrity WICDWell Control Interface Document WOCWaiting on Cement
WSOGWell Specific Operating Guideline (Criteria)