Horizontal to Vertical Pipe Transfer Arm
18 July 2017
Horsepower (hp)
18 July 2017

Horizontal tubular transfer

A horizontal or angled machine that transfers tubulars from the pipe deck/rack to the rig floor, often achieved with carts, carriages, rollers, or belts.

Pipe conveyor: A type of horizontal tubular transfer generally using a continuous belt to convey the tubulars along the machine. Pipe Conveyors can utilize only a belt that is loaded directly with a tubular handling crane, while others also include side loading arms that transfer the pipe between the tubular handling crane and belt.

Catwalk Machine: A horizontal pipe and/or riser handling system which transports tubulars and/or risers in and out of the rig floor. Typically these machines are mounted at the drill floor elevation and are loaded with a deck crane or dedicated tubular handling crane.