Meet the rigs and people who drill oil and gas wells with pinpoint accuracy in the most hostile environments.

The modern drilling rig is a complex piece of machinery designed for a single purpose – to drill oil, gas or geothermal wells. From today’s drilling rigs, wells can be drilled to subterranean depths greater than twelve thousand meters. The pinpoint precision of modern drilling operations can also land a horizontal well more than eleven thousand meters long, within a target of only a few meters. Offshore drilling rigs can accomplish such feats in water depths of ten thousand feet or even deeper. These accomplishments have been compared to the space program. Most drilling rigs, whether land or offshore, are mobile and can be moved from location to location quickly and efficiently. Drilling rigs often work in hostile environments -- burning deserts, the Arctic or ultra deepwater.

A drilling rig is a complex piece of machinery designed for a single purpose — to drill oil, gas or geothermal wells.

What We Do And How

Drilling It Safely

The oil and gas industry is one of the safest industries for workers, and getting safer all the time. US government statistics clearly demonstrate that workers in oil and gas are far safer than those in manufacturing, coal mining, construction, or general private industry.


Meet the Rig

Introduction to the rigs that drill around the world — land, offshore, Arctic, desert… wherever the action is.


Hydraulic Fracturing Revealed: Get the Facts about Fracks

Hydraulic fracturing is responsible for cheap oil and natural gas for the US public, but these operations are snarled in misconception and myth. Learn the facts from three experts.


Meet the Bottomhole Assembly

Brief overview of the bottomhole assembly.


Who's Who in the Drilling Business

It takes a lot of knowledge, skills and abilities to drill a well. Learn who does what and why in drilling.


The Challenge and Rewards in Deepwater

Learn more about the challenges and rewards in Deep Water Drilling.


Meet the Rotating and Pipehandling System

The rotating system is the muscle of the drilling rig, turning thousands of feet of pipe and tools deep in the earth to successfully drill for oil, gas or geothermal resources.


Life on a Drilling Rig

Drilling employees work remotely, often on rotating schedules. But that gives them plenty of family time during their time off.


Meet the Circulating System

Like a human being, a drilling rig circulates vital fluids to accomplish its work.


Interactive Rig Tour

Learn what makes a drilling rig tick in this interactive animation.


Hydrocarbons in the 21st Century: Green, Clean and Safe

Learn about the drilling industry’s sound environmental practices, particularly with regard to drilling for unconventionals and shales. “It’s not your grandfather’s oil and gas industry”!