In a world of abundance, more than 3 billion people — 40 percent of world population — lack adequate electricity to meet basic human needs.

The Western world takes for granted easy access to electricity, transportation and clean water. But nearly half the world’s 7.4 billion individuals live with limited or no access to these advantages. Many of these people survive drinking filthy water. Many must cook food indoors over open, wood-fueled flames, the noxious fumes destroying their health and that of their families. The world’s most flexible fuels, oil and natural gas, could provide these poor people with a step change in living conditions. But in some cases, those who might help have their hands tied.

“Energy is a critical part of boosting prosperity and eradicating poverty.” - Jim Yong Kim, President, World Bank Group

Who Needs Us And Why

Energy Poverty And What We Can Do About It

Energy poverty is a brutal fact of life for billions of people who subsist without electricity, with only wood for fuel, without even clean water.

Learn the facts and what can be done.