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10 November 2021
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10 November 2021

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Free-swimming or tethered submersible craft used to perform tasks such as inspection, valve operations, hydraulic functions, and other general tasks.

NOTE ROVs can also carry tooling packages for undertaking specific tasks such as pull-in and connection of rigid spools, flexible flowlines, umbilicals, and component replacement. Alternatively modules or tools may be deployed by crane and mated with the ROV subsea.

There are 2 types of ROVs:

  • OBSROV: Observation Class ROV

IMCA Class I and Class II crafts, these vehicles are small vehicles fitted with cameras/lights and may carry sensors or inspection equipment. They may also have a basic manipulative capability. They are mainly used for inspection and monitoring.

  • WROV: Working Class ROV

A IMCA Class III craft, these vehicles are large ROVs normally equipped with a five-function grabber and a seven-function manipulators. These commonly have multiplexing controls capability that allows additional sensors and tools to be operated without the need for a dedicated umbilical system.

WROV are split into 2 classes: medium WROV and large WROV, depending on their defined work scope. WROVs can carry tooling packages to undertake specific tasks such as tie-in and connection function for flowlines, umbilicals, and rigid pipeline spools, and component replacement.